Hopp til innholdet


So, we promise to be at your service, with roadside assistance whenever you need it.

  • free to all nhs staff driving a Citroën of any age or model.
  • if your vehicle breaks down, we will bring our roadside assistance service to you.
  • includes recovery to a Citroën authorised repairer or independent motor trader of your choice.

Simply call Citroën roadside assistance on 0800 197 2046 and quote ‘nhs key worker’.

please have to hand the following details

  • the vehicle’s make, model and registration number
  • the exact location of the vehicle – the road you are on or the nearest road junction
  • the number of the phone you are using
  • the cause of the breakdown, if you know it
  • your nhs care identity number (smart card) or trust id badge.

Terms and Conditions


1. If the vehicle breaks down at the roadside more than ¼ mile from home and is immobilised, we will send out Roadside Assistance to get you back on the road. This may be a permanent repair or temporary solution to keep the vehicle mobiles until a permanent repair can be performed.

2. If we are unable to repair the vehicle at the roadside, a suitable recovery will be arranged for the vehicle to be taken to the nearest Citroen Authorised Repairer or Independent Motor Trader of your choice up to a distance of 10 miles from the breakdown location.

3. If your vehicle is recovered, we will offer a taxi journey for you and your passengers to continue your journey to a single destination up to 20 miles away.

4. Valid for all NHS driving a Citroen vehicle upon receipt, at the roadside or home, of their current NHS Care Identity Number (Smart Card) or Trust ID Badge to prove their eligibility.